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feed him for a lifetime


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Our Story

The Shaikh Jaffer and Nematullah Ebrahim Family Foundation (SJNEFFL) was set up in December 2012 in honour of our parents and mentors, Shaikh Jaffer and Mullah Nematullah.


Their personification of the fishing rod principle and their deep philanthropic philosophy and continuous charitable work resonates deeply with the family. The Foundation continues its mission to enrich the lives and minds of the deserving through spiritual, educational and entrepreneurial means.

Helping Hands

Our Vision

Teach a man to fish so that he can feed himself for a lifetime.

Our Mission

Improve the lives and minds of the disadvantaged and deserving through spiritual, educational, entrepreneurial and support initiatives.


Uttar Pradesh, India

Unnati Skills

Surat, India

China Coast

Community Dietician

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Food for Education


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Our Projects

A selection of projects supported by the SJNEFFL

What We Fund

In line with our vision, we focus on projects which have post-funding sustainability.

Primary Focus Areas



Secondary Focus Areas




We focus our funding for locations where the family is residing: 
Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Tanzania; and from our roots in India.

We are open to receiving projects in other locations and encourage you to get in touch should you have a project in our focus areas.

Available Funding Pots


Focus areas

Ceiling per project

HKD 300,000/project


Focus areas

Ceiling per project

HKD 150,000/project


Focus areas

Ceiling per project

HKD 50,000


Focus areas

Ceiling per project

HKD 25,000


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For project submissions or any other enquires
please get in touch using the contact form below,
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