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Mubarakpur Weavers

Uttar Pradesh, India


Handloom weavers in Mubarakpur are living in 6-7 member households and generating an average monthly income of only INR 3000 while supplying their work to traders and manufacturers who take a large percentage of profits.



With the support of AIACA and DASRA (2 Local NGOs), SJNEFFL helped 20 weavers establish their own brand ‘Mubarakpur Weaves’. The programme included intensive intervention on design, skill and product range development; legalisation of the weavers’ organisation and stock creation; as well as market interventions and direct linkages to buyers, retailers and exhibitions across India.



The 20 weavers’ average daily income doubled and they have sustained links to markets where they are being invited to exhibit directly. Weavers have gained the confidence to travel to other cities, showcase their work, and interact with customers – managing everything from start to finish independently. ‘Mubarkpur Weaves’ has obtained a Craftsmark Certification and the brand is established and popular. They have also received a direct order from Fabindia, the biggest handicraft retailer in the country. Additionally, two youths from the community attended the Handloom School in Maheshwar, graduated top of their class, and have now become coordinators of the co-op.

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